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"I love nature. I’ve always loved nature. Ever since I can remember I would watch shows about it on Animal Planet and Discovery Chanel. Some of my earliest memories are of watching a show where a boy and Mother Nature talk about animals and the wild world, I can’t remember what it’s called now. I remember weekends when I would visit the beach and touch everything I could, and days when I would run around the zoo and my parents would have to chase after me. Something inside me still stirs like that of a child in awe and wonder whenever I touch nature, whenever I stop to look or touch it, whenever I can completely shroud myself in it. I only wish that people were as wondered by nature as I was as a child and still continue to be to this very day. On days when I am indoors my only desire is to step out and lay under the warm sun as it touches my skin, to feel I am one with it for that brief moment in time, that I am one with the plants who bask in the daylight, like the animals that crawl, or fly, or run, or lay beneath it. I want to see the world for all its beauty and chaos and appreciate it for all it has given to me, to us tiny creatures that live in tiny spots in tiny regions of this great big world. I feel that as a human being I should see everything that the world contains, whether it be through a screen, or from a distance so diminutive that not even air can prevent the impact of my fingertips onto its surface. It is a privilege that I do not want to let go to waste, especially since others of my kind, of our kind, rip at it and kill it. In fifty years, what do you think will happen to the things you love about nature? Do you really believe that they will still look just as beautiful?" 

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Workout buddies come in all sizes.

he looks a little worried 

“fuc- it’s getting faster-runrunrunrunrunshitshitshitshitshit”

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Dogs and Cats by Aya de Ruiter

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Spanish photographer Marina Cano's stunning images capture the majestic beauty of nature and wildlife.


David Suzuki in this interview about facing the reality of climate change and other environmental issues from Moyers & Company.

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In October, after the holidays, trade winds whirl about rivers of rubbish where turtles close in searching for food, but only to find a slow death in these deadly traps.

A new species strongly settles down in the ocean: plastic.

An ephemeral shelter for a few, but a sad end for the majority.

The first gif breaks my heart…a sea turtle missing its right flipper.

I’m not saying that it lost its flipper because of the trash in the sea. It could have been a predator who chomped off its flipper. What I’m saying is that turtle may possibly have lost its flipper due to a plastic or waste material that got tangled and bound its flipper. It doesn’t take rocket science to find out how.

Plants and animals are made up of body tissues. Tissues are made up of cells. Cells need vital nutrients and oxygen for repair and replenishment. For animals, blood contains these nutrients which is transported all over the body through the blood vessels. When a blood vessel is blocked or something prevents it to function properly, the tissues/organs supplied by those vessels get damaged/become infected/die because of the lack of oxygen and nutrients that it needs. So imagine how a plastic material or a rope gets stuck around that turtle’s flipper. It may have gotten stuck for a while that it eventually bound the flipper tighter as the turtle grew. As the material bounds the flipper more and more tight, it then disrupts the blood flow towards that flipper causing for it to be damaged, no longer functional and may eventually have caused it to fall off.

If you have seen the movie Happy Feet (2006), you most likely know Lovelace. He had six pack rings around his neck. 


Remember (if you’ve seen the movie) how he grew weaker, walk slower, breathe harder? Why? Because of the plastic rings. It was choking him. How did he get it? When he was swimming in the water.

It is never right to dispose plastic and other materials into the water and even in land. As cliche as it sounds, it destroys nature. It destroys other living beings in this planet both in land, sea and air. It destroys all of us.

Clips from this the video October / Octubre by Rafa Herrero Massieu

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World Cup of Everything Else